Walken: Game Guide. Get crypto without investments

Walken: Game Guide. Get crypto without investments

A step-by-step guide on how to play and earn with Walken. In this article, I will tell you how to use Walken on iOS and Android.

Please note that Walken is currently in beta testing for iOS and Android. The game balance features and configurations described below are not yet finalized and may change as we get closer to the official release and receive feedback from our community. This guide is meant to give you a complete overview of the current gameplay and earning mechanics.

What is the Walken program?

Walken is a walk, run and earn NFT game on the blockchain that combines sports and NFT, paying special attention to the natural desire to walk and move. While playing in real life, players earn Gems, which are used to improve their game characters – CAThletes, and compete for winnings in $WLKN tokens. In turn, the tokens can be used to level up and stat CAThletes, or to purchase NFT items from the Marketplace to earn extra stat points and win more competitions. The Walken team is currently working on adding more ways to use tokens (such as crossbreeding, tournaments, etc.) to improve the gameplay and give players the opportunity to earn even more.

Walken Gameplay Overview

The gameplay is focused on improving your pets, CAThletes, and participating in competitions with them, the reward for winning which is $WLKN tokens. Steps taken in real life are converted into Gems, an in-game currency that can be spent on leveling up your pets. With each increase in CAThletes level, his characteristics – strength (Strength), speed (Speed) and endurance (Stamina) increase. Thus, the more a player walks in real life, the better CAThletes stats become, and the more often he wins matches, earning even more $WLKN in the long run.

Tokenomics and distribution of $WLKN

Walken Tokenomics is fueled by only one token, the $WLKN token, which has a limited supply and will be traded on exchanges. So, its price is affected by a number of factors, the most significant of which is the behavior of the players. Walken’s gameplay itself determines the best strategy for players to succeed: play, earn and reinvest $WLKN tokens into the game (buying CAThletes and gear from the marketplace, which in turn leads to further revenue growth) to maximize your returns.

Moreover, the game balance is built in such a way that constantly developing your pets and acquiring more CAThletes becomes the only way to continue earning in a highly competitive market, given that a large number of players are constantly reinvesting in the game to win and earn more.

How do I create a Walken account?

Walken is currently available for download on the AppStore for IOS and Google Play for Android

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, select your login method and proceed to create a new crypto wallet. Be sure to write down the 12-word recovery phrase (seed-phrase) and save it.

  • Why do users need a seed-phrase?

This phrase is required to restore access to the wallet if the user reinstalls the app or logs into their account on a new device. Also, with this phrase, users can recover their wallet on any compatible Solana wallet (Phantom, Trust, etc.).

How do I create a Walken account?

If you lose it, access to the wallet and everything stored in it will be lost forever!

Therefore, write it down physically and save it where only you will have access. Resist the temptation to take a screenshot or save the words on your phone. This phrase is the key to your wallet and future assets, so take it seriously! AND NEVER GIVE ANYONE THE SEED-HARSE!

Now that you’ve created a wallet, it’s time to meet your first CAThlete. Each player gets one free Level 0 CAThlete, randomly generated from the gene pool. And after getting to know your pet, you are finally ready to play and earn!

Why are there three wallets in the game?

There are three wallets in the game: Blue, Golden Orange, and Purple, each with an important function.

  • The blue wallet is used for Gems, the in-game soft currency.
  • Orange stores your $WLKN tokens.
  • Purple is required to store SOL, the native token of the Solana network where Walken runs. Currently, SOLs are used to pay transaction fees.
Why are there three wallets in the game?

All wallets can be accessed from the wallet screen (Wallet, from the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen) to check the current balance of Gems, Tokens and SOL, and to view all transactions for each currency.

What is Gem?

Gems are an in-game soft currency sprinkled with walking and running in real life. These are used to fill the CAThletes level indicator.

1 Hem = 1000 steps

Tip: If you complete your daily goal of 10,000 steps, you’ll get 5 extra Gems!

What is $WLKN?

$WLKN is a cryptocurrency token that can be earned in competitions or purchased in various ways. $WLKN are used both for raising the level of CAThletes and for trading on the Marketplace – for the purpose of buying and selling various NFT items and CAThletes. In addition, $WLKN can be staked to get even more profitability and various other goodies. Further, other useful features will be added for tokens, such as tournaments, time-limited events, etc.

To earn more, the best way to reinvest your $WLKN is to level up your CAThletes to enter higher level leagues and get even higher rewards, and buy items to increase his stats.

What are statistics?

The steps taken by the player in real life are the foundation of the game. Accurate information about the player’s steps, distance traveled and Gems earned for today and the previous 7 days can be found on the statistics screen (which can be selected in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen).

What are statistics?

Who are CAThletes?

 CAThletes are in-game NFT characters that participate in competitions, can be evolved and bred. The name, as you might have already guessed, came from two words: Cat + Athlete (Cat + Athlete), which alludes to both the cute appearance and the ability to run. Each CAThlete is generated from a unique set of genes that determine its appearance, characteristics and rarity. The values of each of the characteristics significantly affect the chance to win in a particular running discipline.

Who are CAThletes?

Each CAThlete has 6 genes (body parts):

  • tail;
  • body;
  • ears;
  • the environment;
  • color;
  • muzzle.

Each gene is assigned points of indicators and each has its own rarity, which determines the maximum indicators for CAThlete and its rarity (Rarity). There are 5 categories of rarity for CAThletes, Genes and NFT items:

  • common;
  • unusual (uncommon);
  • rare (rarity);
  • epic (epic);
  • Legend (legendary).

Your pet’s rarity is determined by the rarest of its genes.

Rarity determines the energy pool of patties: rare, epic, and legendary patties have larger energy pools than common and uncommon patties.

What are the characteristics of CAThletes?

There are three main articles or characteristics that every CAThlete possesses: strength, speed, and stamina. The sets of genes that shape characteristics are random and unique, and there are genetically determined maxima of endurance, strength, and speed.

What are the characteristics of CAThletes?

CAThletes stats increase with each level up by 10% of their potential maximum. In addition, items from the Marketplace also increase stats. So, there is always room for improvement!

How to level up CAThlete?

First, use Gems to fill your Katlet’s level progress bar:

  • Go to the CAThletes tab (on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen);
  • Select the CAThlete whose level you want to increase;
  • Scroll down to the level indicator;
  • Click the “+” button and select the amount of Gems you want to add to the progress bar.

Once the Gem progress bar is full, the “+” button will turn orange with an up arrow. You can click it if you have enough $WLKN to level up.

How to level up CAThlete?

Note that blockchain transactions (such as leveling up, buying and selling items) may sometimes take longer to process.

What is a competition?

 CAThletes compete in running events to win $WLKN tokens. Competitions take place in 6 leagues. There is a minimum starting CAThlete level for each league, and the higher the league, the higher the rewards for winning. All CAThletes can participate in the first league. To enter the second league, the player character must have at least the second, for the third – 4, for the fourth – 6, for the fifth – 8, and in the 6th league only level 10 CAThletes compete. Therefore, players need to continuously improve their CAThletes in order to climb the higher leagues and earn even more $WLKN.

What is a competition?

Each league has three running disciplines: sprint, marathon and urban running. One point of energy is spent on each race, which is later restored. Each parameter of CAThletes characteristics affects the chances of winning in a particular running discipline. Speed plays the main role for victory in sprints, strength – in urban running, endurance – in marathons.

After CAThletes selection and discipline, Walken’s algorithms quickly find an equal level opponent among the other players, and the race begins.

How to compete?

  • Click on “Competitions” (Competitions) on the navigation bar in the program;
  • Choose the league in which your pet will compete;
  • Choose a discipline in the league;
  • Select CAThlete to participate in the race;
  • Wait for the algorithms to find an opponent. As soon as it is found, the competition will start automatically.
  • If CAThlete wins the race, all you have to do is press the button to get the reward. If you lose, it’s okay, try again next time!
What is a competition?


  • Compete in the highest league available to CAThlete to earn the most $WLKN.
  • Choose the discipline in which your CAThlete has the highest chance of winning based on its highest stats to play at full strength.
  • You can also search the Marketplace for items that can improve the characteristics you need.

What is Marketplace?

As you may have noticed, there is a Marketplace tab in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, where all the trading takes place. Here, players can buy or sell various NFT items, including clothing, shoes and accessories, as well as the CAThletes themselves.

What is Marketplace?

Items in the Marketplace vary in rarity and extra stat points given to your pets. Each item from the T-shirts, Hats, Sneakers, Shorts, Accessories, and Artifacts categories boosts CAThletes stats by adding a certain amount of Strength, Speed, or Stamina. Use filters by categories or characteristics to quickly find the product you need.

To buy a product:

  • click on the selected element;
  • click the “Buy Now” button;
  • if you have enough $WLKN tokens to purchase, the item will go directly into your inventory.

To use the purchased product:

  • go to the CAThletes tab and select the desired one;
  • scroll down and tap the slot with the item category you want to equip the selected pet;
  • select one of the available items and click “Save Gear”.