10 идей для бизнеса после войны

10 business ideas after the war

1 Arms market

It seems that the legalization of the civilian arms market in Ukraine will be. It is already obvious that we are ready and conscious about weapons if we set up a system for the transfer and control of their possession.

This will create new jobs, accelerate the development of innovations and the production of goods for the defense industry, accessories and services for their sale in the local and international markets.

2 Experience of war

The development of the military industry at the country level can provide for the export of military experience: the creation of “branded” teams of military pros and consultants, the dissemination of the necessary mass wartime services in the world. For example, like the “Alarm” application from Ajax Systems.

It can also be online training and master classes on the use of various weapons and warfare practices, the creation of new types of weapons and accessories, the repair and modernization of existing systems.

3 Survival practice

War survival materials for modern cities and towns should include more than just practical advice on where to get water, food, and warmth. There is a huge need for methods of overcoming anxiety, fear, dealing with children and animals that are losing their familiar environment and living conditions.

4 Bomb shelters and hideouts

There is a huge potential for creating architectural projects, making protected bomb shelters, equipping them with the necessary products and communications. Everything will be in demand – from the protection of large civilian territories (schools, universities, embassies, subways, etc.) to private houses and cottage towns.

In addition, we must upgrade existing storage facilities and shelters in cities. Most of them turned out to be unsuitable for a long stay of a significant number of people.

5 Extra long shelf life foods

In order not to become the heroes of memes about the nutrition of Russian soldiers, it is about the manufacture and sale of products with great added value and positioning their storage for years and decades.

6 Information security

We have already become participants in the first world cyber war and are paying more attention to creating new services and programs to protect and counter cyber attacks, consulting on information security within the digital infrastructure of the state and private companies and individuals.

7 Cryptocurrencies

Ukrainians have already seen how cryptocurrency can be an effective and fast way to finance projects even at the level of state needs in wartime. There is no reason to slow down the legalization of the cryptocurrency market in Ukraine, their integration into the financial system.

In addition, it is now possible to create even your own token, the state cryptocurrency with the theme of the Ukrainian army or our freedom. In fact, every well-known cryptocurrency is a successful marketing project, and right now you can create and promote “your own Ukrainian coin”, as long as there is interest in the war between Ukraine and Russia in the world.

8 Digital State

Ukraine must finally abandon the “personalized” paper bureaucratic processes, leave them in the pre-war past. Everything should be in a smartphone with a complete transition to a digital state with a maximum reduction in the apparatus of civil servants.

The next elections in Ukraine and the entire document flow should become exclusively digital, transparent and fast.

We are not only ready for this, we simply can’t imagine why go anywhere when you can do everything online. Especially when Starlink satellite Internet from Elon Musk appeared throughout Ukraine. Therefore, services and applications that will help in this will be in demand.

9 Military clothing and accessories

President Zelensky often wears a T-shirt with the flag of Ukraine from the brand 5.11 Tactical in his inspiring broadcasts. The question arises: are there really no cool brands of such militaristic specialization in Ukraine that the leader of a free nation, and the whole world with him, would like to wear?

If the Ukrainian designer Andre Tan has already started making bulletproof vests in his workshops, and the Kachorovska studio sews berets for the military, then maybe we will soon have world top brands to protect the states of the whole world.

10 Replacing all Russian

The occupying toxic label made in russia for the whole world in a few weeks has become something like cholera. Nobody wants to deal with it and will not deal with it for many more years. But if people are already accustomed to using it, it has become their habit, then only a patriotic mood and a fight against the sponsors of the aggressor regime will not be enough.

What is needed is a high-quality attractive alternative, communication of its advantages and creation of a new user experience. We will not only change habits in everyday life and work from the “Russian contribution”, but it is also desirable to transfer them to Ukrainian powerful counterparts, which should be ready to compete globally.

This needs to be done as soon as possible before the whole world adapts its solutions to markets with such a large and short-term window of opportunity. Ukrainians should now think about creating competitive global ideas, products and services